Immaculate Runs Fun Friends All Year Round

Pictured are students Hailey Ramsay and Mya Kurlicki with Educational Assistant Moira Swiatek in the middle.

February 18, 2016 - Thanks to our Immaculate Conception Catholic Elementary School's Educational Assistant, Moira Swiatek, students in the primary and junior division enjoy the resiliency based program called “Fun Friends.” In their groups, they discuss feelings & emotions, red & green thoughts and how to change the red thoughts into green or positive thoughts. The children also learn relaxation strategies to calm their bodies down. One of their favourite activities is called the “milkshake” breathing technique where students inhale a large breath and exhale through a straw into a cup of chocolate milk which then produces bubbles. Fun Friends is a safe environment where students can learn to be courageous and make life long friends.



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