Immaculate Conception Students Lay Down the Cards

Immaculate Junior Kindergarten student, Talon Duguay plays some cards with his father Andy during the school's Family Numeracy Hour.

June 13, 2011 - This past month, Immaculate Conception School organized a Family Numeracy Hour. Parents and grandparents were invited to come play cards with their children. Not only was it fun, but parents and grandparents became involved in helping their children learn math while they engaged in “hands-on learning” with playing cards. JK and SK students practiced number recognition, primary students focused on adding card numbers together and junior students practiced their multiplication skills by playing a new version of High Card. All students received a deck of cards to bring home so that they can play exciting “math” card games with their parents. Parents have a very important role in helping their child practice math skills at home, and when it is disguised as a math game, students enjoy it so much more!



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