Nickel Belt Candidates to Visit Immaculate Conception Catholic School

September 24, 2007 - All Media:

With the Provincial election quickly approaching, Immaculate Conception Catholic School, Grade 5 students are learning how the voting process is carried out and how to make informed decisions. By taking part in the Student-Vote program, students are given the opportunity for critical thinking and thoughtful discussion-essential in a democracy. The goal of the Student Vote program is to teach young Canadians to develop a habit of civic participation.

“At Immaculate Conception, we hope that the greatest lesson for our students is that they will learn that citizenship is a responsibility,” states Carmela Pitman, the school’s Vice-Principal. On Thursday, September 27, the three political candidates for Nickel Belt: Liberal Party, Ron Dupuis; NDP Party, France Gelinas; and Green Party, Fred Twilley will be visiting Ms. Pawlowski Grade 5 class to speak to the students. The class has been preparing for the event by reading local newspapers and researching numerous resources so that they can become better informed and play an active role in the debate.

Students will focus on issues such as health care, education, and the environment. The week prior to the official election day, the school will be holding a Student Vote. Immaculate Conception will receive riding specific ballots for the Sudbury-Nickel Belt area. A polling station with a ballot box will be set up in the library and the Grade 5 class will have their chance to vote. Students will take on the role of poll clerks by assisting at the polling station and ensuring that the student class lists will act as the list of electors. The results will be tabulated and called into the Student Vote Returning Office. Results are broadcast on partnering television networks and published in newspapers the following day.

For more information, please contact, Carmela Pitman, Vice-Principal,
Immaculate Conception Catholic School, ph: 897-4483



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